Co-Parent Agreements & Promises


A Chance to Agree


All children are caught up in the ending of their parents relationship, no child divorces their parents when the parents relationship ends. Even those who experience difficult relationship with the adults in their lives, parents or step-parents, still often ‘miss’ the absent adult. Co-Parenting agreements and Promises offer the children a space to create a separate relationship with parents, or step-parents. A chance for the adults to agree to ‘ringfence’ their Co-parenting vows in a safe and child friendly way, offering children the best opportunity to cope with the life changes placed on them. Children will thrive from changes in their life as long as the adults show them how to do so. It’s not the ending and separation of the parents that causes them the most disruption, it’s the way the parents share the parenting after the end that makes all the difference.


Co-Parent Agreements

Co-Parent Agreements


Tailored to Your Beliefs


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