Spiritual Journeying


A Personal View


I prefer the term ‘spiritual journeying’ as for me this describes the process for both the seeker (client) and the companion (counsellor). Entering into a desire to seek comfort for the soul, to seek a better understanding of self is indeed a journey inward rather than outside of self, looking for answers. The relationship between the seeker and their understanding of Divinity can be wide and varied, or none at all, it’s of no matter to the journeying companion, all are held with the equal compassion and an open hearted desire to ‘help and support’ the journey.

For me the ‘process’ of Spiritual Journeying is an entering into a very different space; a space that is occupied by the Divine, Great Spirit, Cosmic Consciousness, God, the word anyone one individual uses is important for them, however for me as the companion, it’s the desire to hold that space and listen with great depth to the words said both by the seeker and the Divine that hold precedence. Stepping into the Divine and inviting the seeker to do the same is the start of a process that, in itself alone, can change how we perceive ourselves.

To be able to see ourselves and accept self as ‘whole’ and totally accepted by the Divine, can take time. Our defences and ego are often very reluctant to ‘let go’ and change our view of our eternal self, and often as a spiritual companion, holding that role of total acceptance, that whatever our story, we are all one energy, that we are all the Universe, God, Great Spirit.

Spiritual Companions are not the Source of love, but a window through which love is shone, offering a view of total acceptance to the seeker. When we are in conflict with the outside we are truly in conflict with our inner self. A spiritual connection heals both and having a deepened spiritual connection offers a deeper inner self-healing.

The core intention of Spiritual Journeying is to assist another soul to find a more peaceful and deeper route through life’s difficulties. None of us live a life that is without pain, sorrow, love, hurt, joy and every emotion in-between. The art to living is not to avoid all of these events, but to learn how to embrace and enable growth from them.


Spiritual Journeying

Blessing – “Great Spirit, enter this space and bring love, light, harmony, peace and solace to all who enter enabling their soul to find its highest calling.”


Tailored to Your Beliefs


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