Personal Ministry Vision Statement


My Vision Statement


Once, in my life I believed things were evolved; now I know that I am evolving and this statement will evolve along with me. So as of now, my vision of my Ministry is only just coming into view as the veils of secrecy and fear are being moved away. However two very important messages from my’ Inspirational Saying’ folder, leap out at me every time I read them. Many leap out catching my breath, inspiring my thoughts and in silence I imagine living those words. However I am human, I am imperfectly perfect, I make errors along the way in order to travel more wisely, so these two saying are the two that I feel best describe my Vision Statement, my Personal Promise to the Universe, the Source of eternal life.

The Arcturians

The first asks me to ‘serve’. To serve not for my own reward but for the greater good of humanity in whatever way it suits the Universe to ask of me. I may have a desire to serve by creating bespoke ceremonies to help humanity to connect to their spirituality, however the learning is that ‘I don’t know’ what the next vision is. I have learnt to drop the illusion that I spent so much time reinforcing, that ‘I am in control of my life’. I am in control of how I deal with what life brings me, however, the Universe is in charge of the rest.

Dalai Lama

The second, well this is my reminder that no one is ‘right’, therefore no one is ‘wrong’. There is no ‘correct’ way to find your essence of spiritual connection to whatever you believe is greater, vaster, infinitely wiser and more powerful than any single human being, and yet, we are all part of the entire Universe, Gods, Goddesses, Stars and everything that has, or will ever be. I believe the Universe and therefore our evolution is not yet finished, and I am certain that I have only just begun to discover the ‘real’ me.

My spiritual evolution is evolving, quicker and more clearly than ever before. I hope that I have the wisdom of years to travel more wisely, an open heart to ‘feel’ more deeply and illusion free eyes to see more clearly what is put in front of me as a blessing and challenge to grow and evolve from. To be complete and whole is a place within, not an achievement. For me being complete and whole is a ‘feeling’, a bodily experience of complete peace, rest and stillness, perhaps that is what my Spiritual Ministry and Vision is calling of me?

‘As I stand here in life. I am open to all of the blessings that are on their way to me, I am ready’

Thich Nhat Hanh

Thich Nhat Hanh